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The Committee:

Mary Jo Lanphear, Ass't Records Mgt Officer

Dr. Hans-J. Finke, Records Management Officer

Babette Huber, Victor Central Schools and Victor Municipal Historian

Dr. Preston Pierce, Victor Central Schools and County Historian

This site has been developed primarily for social studies teachers and students as a resource for the general social studies curriculum of New York State. The documents and material presented here could fit into units about "The Age of Homespun,""Slavery and the Abolition Movement," or "Division and Reunion."

The materials presented here by no means are meant to be all-inclusive. They are only examples of what records are available, with an emphasis on government records.

It is our hope that this site will be of value and interest to teachers, students, historians and the general public alike.

Abolition Law, 1799

Samples of Registration of Births to Slaves based on NY States Laws, 1799, CHapter 62

Anti-Slavery Fair Broadside

Certificates of Freedom


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