Compiled by Preston E. Pierce

                                                                                 Ontario County Historian



            This is a consolidated list of burial places within the present boundaries of Ontario County, NY.  This list includes all known burial plots established since 1789.  It also includes the best information available about cemeteries which have become so obliterated as to render locating them impossible.  In a few cases, cemeteries are listed for which there is little hard evidence of their existence.  Where noted, the incorporations of many cemeteries are cited from county records. 


            Despite a feeble attempt in the 1840's, New York did not require the keeping of vital records until 1882.  For decades after that date many local government officials operated from their homes or makeshift Town Halls with the result that early records were often lost or damaged.  Until recently, there were few central repositories for church records.  The burial records of rural cemetery associations and undertakers have also been difficult to access.  Our cemeteries, therefore, are our single biggest repository of information on births, deaths, and marriages as well as other historical information.  Often containing distinct folk art and architecture, they are a cultural resource increasingly threatened by the elements and man.  Approximately 400 Revolutionary patriots have been located in the cemeteries in and around Ontario County.  Therefore, it is important for our study of history, and the maintenance of our aesthetic environment, that we conserve our cemeteries.  The first step in that continuing process is to take note of what we have.  Anyone having additions or corrections to this list is asked to contact the Ontario County Historian at the County Archives (3051 County Complex Dr., Canandaigua, NY 14424.  Telephone (716) 396-4376).


            Readings of the markers in most of these cemeteries are available at many places including the County Historian's Office; the Ontario County Archives (RAIMS); the Ontario County, Geneva, and East Bloomfield Historical Societies; and the Naples Public Library.  Municipal historians often have more detailed information on the cemeteries in their jurisdiction.  Frequently, churches, cemetery associations, and local governments and historical societies (where the cemetery is public) have additional information.  The readings held by the County Historian (as they were in the early 1980's) were microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah and are widely available through their programs.  This listing of names and locations, however, supersedes any previous listings.


            Some cemeteries are listed below a line within a municipality.  Those are cemeteries whose location cannot be precisely determined, whose existence is questionable, or which do not exist but are referenced to clear up misunderstanding with other publications.  In some cases there are map coordinates for those cemeteries.  That is the result of the fact that some were identified on early topographic maps, or the site is generally known and GPS readings were taken.


            The numbers preceding each cemetery are those assigned by the committee working with the County Historian's Office, the Ontario County Historical Society, and the Ontario County Genealogy Society to index all local burial sites.  Numbers seeming to be out of order are the result of initial confusion over cemetery designations, names, locations, or separations.  In some cases, cemeteries are discovered long after the rest of those in a municipality have been listed. 


            Number 216 was used twice in a previous publication.  Therefore, #216 (Ringer/Creager), Town of Seneca, has been renumbered #219.


            With this edition of the listing we begin providing the map grid coordinates which have resulted from surveys, readings from  Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, or data from US Geological Survey maps.  The smaller, more obscure, cemeteries have been given priority in the grid coordinate identification effort.  In addition, the notations for many sites give information on the incorporation of cemetery associations and other historical documentation.


            Every effort is being made to correctly identify the names of cemeteries.  Some had received arbitrary name changes over the years.  Where possible, the names used in incorporations or deeds are being used.  If a cemetery is well-known by more than one name (Baptist Hill/Evergreen, for example) all well-known names are listed.


            Actual information from individual cemetery records or readings is widely available from local town historical societies, public libraries, or municipal historians.  The Geneva Historical Society,  Ontario County Historical Society, and East Bloomfield Historical Society have large collections which are open to the public on a daily basis.


            Most of the work of locating, reading, and documenting these burial sites has been done by volunteers and members of local historical and genealogical societies, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.  This list is part of a larger continuing effort to create one accurate, widely dispersed guide to an important cultural and family history resource.  The Historian would like to thank the following individuals in particular for their efforts:  Michael Bloniarz, Charles Callari, Gilbert Smith, and Bruce Stuart of the Ontario County Historical Society and the Ontario County Genealogical Society.  Thanks are also due to Alice Dunn, a professional surveyor with a keen interest in local history.  The original listing was done by former County Historian, Clyde Maffin in the mid-1960's with similar volunteer help.  The Town and Village Historians of the county, together with the staff of the Ontario County Archive (RAIMS), have provided valuable assistance to all those who have worked on this list.








                         VILLAGE OF BLOOMFIELD

                                                                                [FORMERLY THE VILLAGES OF EAST BLOOMFIELD AND HOLCOMB]


Cem.   GPS/Survey Coordinates                   Name and location of cemetery.


1          42.53.46N       77.25.56W                  East Bloomfield Cemetery (Off Elton Park.) [Original location on property of Bloomfield Academy Museum.]


2          42.54.06N       77.26.01W                  St. Bridget's Cemetery (Behind St. Bridget's Catholic Church.)


                                 TOWN OF BRISTOL


3          42.50.57N       77.24.37W                  Andrews Cemetery (East side of Flatiron Road.)


4          42.50.39N       77.25.26W                  Baptist Hill/Evergreen Cemetery[1] (County Rd. #2 in the hamlet of BaptisHill.)


5          42.48.41N       77.23.28W                  Bristol Center Cemetery (East side of Route 64 in the hamlet of BristolCenter.)


6          42.49.23N       77.25.13W                  Case Cemetery (South side of Gregg Road at Elm Tree Road.)


214                                                                  Clement Cemetery (40 yards northeast of 5279 Gulick Rd.)


7          42.48.56N       77.26.33W                  Damon Cemetery (On old Gregg farm, south side of Gregg Road near Egypt Road in woods diagonally opposite gas well.  Just before curve. On some old listings of the 1940's this is called Graveyard Hill Cemetery.[2])


8          42.46.23N       77.27.10W                  Doyle Cemetery (East side of County Rd. #33 south of Ganyard Hill Road.)


9          42.46.24N       77.26.53W                  Egypt Valley Cemetery (On hill above Doyle Cemetery.)




10                                                                    Ganyard Hill/Parsons/South Hill Cemetery (On abandoned Logan Road between South Hill Road and Ganyard Hill.)


11                                                                    Simmons Private Cemetery (South of Route 20-A near County Road #32.)


12        42.50.26N       77.23.33W                  Vincent Hill/Codding Cemetery (North side of Vincent Hill Road.)



13        42.51.14N       77.28.44W                  _____ (East side of Briggs Rd. Near Bloomfield town border.  May actually be in  Town of Richmond[3])


                                TOWN OF CANADICE


14        42.44.39N       77.35.5OW                 Bald Hill/Pulver Cemetery[4] (West of Route 15-A opposite Purcell Hill Road.)


15        42.44.14N       77.32.28W                  Canadice Corners Cemetery[5] (East side of County Road #37 at church near intersection of Canadice Hill Rd.  Probably also known as Canadice Hill Cemetery in old records.)


16        42.45.26N       77.35.09W                  Canadice Hollow Cemetery (West side of Canadice Hollow Road north of Coykendall Hill Road.)


17        42.40.47N       77.32.41W                  Tibbals Cemetery (On abandoned road off east side of Ross Road)


                                                                        Wemett Cemetery[6] (On Route #15-A North and East of Pulver Cemetery and North of Coykendall Rd. intersection.)





                            CITY OF CANANDAIGUA


18        42.52.44N       77.16.56W                  Calvary Cemetery[7] (South side of Clark Street.) [St. Mary's Catholic Church parish cemetery.]


19        42.53.11N       77.17.03W                  Pioneer Cemetery[8] (South side of West Avenue.)


20        42.53.12N       77.17.12W                  West Avenue Cemetery[9] (North side of West Avenue.) [Some bodies exhumed when Park Avenue constructed early 1900's.]


21        42.53.20N       77.17.54W                  Woodlawn Cemetery[10] (West side of North Pearl Street.) [Has some graves moved from Pioneer Cemetery.]


                           TOWN OF CANANDAIGUA


22        42.46.13N       77.20.21W                  Academy Cemetery[11] (South side of Seneca Point Road at County Road #16.)


23        42.53.54N       77.20.59W                  Cooley Cemetery (Northeast side of Cooley Road near intersection of Short Road.)


24        42.48.02N       77.20.15W                  Lucas Cemetery (East Side of Route 21 south of Lucas Road.)


25        42.56.03N       77.21.39W                  New Michigan/Tilton Cemetery (East side of New Michigan Road north of Yerkes Road.)


26        42.48.58N       77.19.36W                  Pine Bank Cemetery[12] (South side of Wells-Curtice Road at Cheshire.)




27        42.50.29N       77.16.53W                  Benham/Red Dock/Wolverton (On abandoned road west of County Road #16 just north of Wyffles Road.) [In woods just north of houses at east end of Wyffles Road.]


28        42.50.39N       77.18.22W                  Root/Remington Cemetery (Corner of Nott Road and Middle Cheshire Road.) [Landlocked]


29        42.55.36N       77.16.40W                  Sand Hill Cemetery (South side of Emerson Road at Sand Hill Road.)


30        42.51.50N       77.20.33W                  Woolhouse/Hunn Cemetery (Corner of Woolhouse Road and County Road #32.)



31                                                                    Farm Lot Cemetery[13] [This is almost certainly the Power Cemetery in the Town of Farmington.]


                     VILLAGE OF CLIFTON SPRINGS


32        42.57.72N       77.07.59W                  Clifton Springs Cemetery[14] (West of Pearl Street at the south edge of the Village.)


                       TOWN OF EAST BLOOMFIELD


33        42.55.45N       77.27.32W                  Dibble Cemetery (South side of County Rd. #39.) [Do not confuse Boughton Road with Boughton Hill Road in Victor.]


34        42.55.51N       77.28.09W                  French Cemetery (On Bennett Road near intersection with County Rd. #30.) [In woods.]


35        42.53.07N       77.23.30W                  Gunn Cemetery (West side of Whalen Road near Route 20.)


36        42.51.40N       77.23.18W                  Lee/South Bloomfield Cemetery[15] South side of Grimble Road near Route 64.)


37        42.52.55N       77.24.46W                  Parker Cemetery (South of Gauss Road between Oakmount and Flatiron Roads.)


38        42.55.37N       77.23.54W                  Rice Cemetery[16] (East side of Pond Road near Rice Road.)


39        42.51.52N       77.23.24W                  Wheeler Private Cemetery (West side of Route 64 near Wheeler Road.  In hedgerow on rise overlooking highway near house of Rogers farm [1996].)


40        42.51.44N       77.22.33W                  Wheeler Private Cemetery (South side of Grimble Road near Wheeler Station Road.)



41                                                                    Reed Cemetery[17] (Location uncertain.)


42                                                                    Sand Hill/South Bloomfield (This cemetery is fictitious.  Readings exist in some local collections, and the cemetery is on other lists.  Examination of the readings has shown, however, that this is the Sand Hill Cemetery in the Town of Canandaigua.)


                            TOWN OF FARMINGTON


43        43.01.42N       77.19.11W                  Friends/Orthodox/North Farmington Cemetery (East of County Rd. #8 at Sheldon Road.  Behind Farmington Friends Church.) [Quaker]


44        42.57.43N       77.20.59W                  Hathaway Cemetery (South of County Rd. #41 near Route 332.) [In patch of woods on rise behind barn.  Right-of-way past barn.]


45        42.57.41N       77.21.58W                  Lapham Family Cemetery [unknown location on old Lapham farm at corner of County Rd. #41 and New Michigan Road. Records of St. John's Episcopal Church, Canandaigua, record burials there.  A former owner has stated his belief that the grave sites are in the lawn of the house.[18]]


46        42.57.58N       77.15.27W                  Payne Cemetery (South of Route 96 near Sand Hill Road and railroad crossing.)


47        42.57.49N       77.20.44W                  Powers Cemetery (South of Shortsville Road near Route 332.)


48        43.01.54N       77.19.45W                  Salem/Lutheran/German Cemetery[19] (East of Road leading north from hamlet of Farmington ("Pumpkin Hook").)


49        42.57.23N       77.16.48W                  South Farmington/Chapel Cemetery (South side of Shortsville Road at County Rd. #28.) [Originally Hicksite Quaker.]



50                                                                    Preston Cemetery [unknown location on farm once owned by Wesley Payne (1989).][20]


51        42.58.27N       77.20.58W                  O.D. Herendeen Cemetery[21] (South side of NYS Route 96 just west of Hook Rd. intersection.)


52        42.58.26N       77.20.38W                  Cooper/Allen/Brown Cemetery was located beneath parking lot of Finger Lakes Race Track. The bodies were exhumed and moved to unknown location early 1960's[22].


                                  CITY OF GENEVA[23]


53        42.50.48N       76.58.57W                  Glenwood Cemetery (West side of Route 14 at south end of city.)


54        42.51.58N       76.59.20W                  Pulteney Street Cemetery[24] (On site of Geneva Middle School/old High School. Bodies exhumed and moved to section of Glenwood Cemetery in 1925.)



55        42.52.34N       76.58.09W                  St. Patrick's Cemetery (South side of North Street near County line.) [Catholic]


56                                                                    Trinity Church/Ridge Episcopal site[25] (On site of Chapel of Trinity Church complex.)


57        42.51.44N       76.59.27W                  Washington Street Cemetery[26] (Washington Street)


                                  TOWN OF GENEVA


58        42.50.28N       77.01.21W                  Earl/Nicholas Cemetery[27] (South side of Hastings Rd. near Seneca Town line.)


71        42.46.04N       77.00.13W                  Barnes/Brown Cemetery[28] (South side of Kashong Rd. east of County Rd. 6.)


61        42.53.45N       77.00.45W                  Clise/Ringer Cemetery[29] (West side of County Rd. #6 just north of St. Mary's Cemetery.)


62        42.52.39N       77.00.42W                  Crittenden Cemetery (Corner of County Rd. #6 and County Rd. #4)


63        42.49.48N       76.58.47W                  Glass Factory Bay Cemetery (East side of Route 14 at Glass Factory Bay two miles             south of Geneva.)


64                                                                    Kippen Cemetery (East of Route 14 opposite Hastings Road.)


65                                                                    Reed Cemetery (East side of County Rd. #6 near Reed Road.)


66        42.53.42N       77.00.48W                  St. Mary's Cemetery[30] (West side of County Rd. #6 north of County Rd. #4.)  [Catholic]


72        42.53.56N       76.59.19W                  Smith Cemetery[31] (West of NYS Rt. 14, north of Gambee [Gambie] Rd. behind International Paper Co.)


67        42.49.06N       77.00.19W                  Brookside/Snell Cemetery[32] (South side of Snell Road.)


68        42.48.05N       76.58.58W                  Winter Cemetery (North side of Billsboro Road.)


69                                                                    Witter Cemetery (Corner of County Rd. #6 and Ansley Road.)


70        42.54.10N       76.57.53W                  Woodin Cemetery (West side of County Line Road/Preemption St. At Geneva town line.)[33]



60        42.53.58N       76.59.14W                  Brown Cemetery (Off north end of Libby Lane)[34]


                                 TOWN OF GORHAM


73        42.46.48N       77.12.51W                  Baldwin's Corners/Dwelle Cemetery[35] (West side of Route 247 near Route 245.)


75        42.46.51N       77.15.38W                  Lord Cemetery[36] (North side of Jones Road, near Twitchell Road. Near Route 364.)


76        42.47.56N       77.08.35W                  New Gorham Cemetery (North side of Route 245 west of County Rd. #18)


77        42.47.56N       77.08.26W                  Old Gorham Cemetery[37] (North side of Route 245 east of County Rd. #18)


78        42.48.39N       77.09.52W                  Pickett/Denham Cemetery[38] (Lake-to-Lake Road at with Gorham-Reed's Corners Road (Co. Rd. #18))


79        42.50.05N       77.11.08W                  Presbyterian Cemetery (West side of Yautzy Road near Depew Road.)


80        42.50.05N       77.12.56W                  Reed's Corners Cemetery[39] (West side of Route 247 at Reed's Corners hamlet)


81                                                                    Southworth Cole burial site (In lawn of #4631 East Lake Road near Crystal Beach.)


82        42.47.40N       77.14.24W                  Washburn Cemetery[40] (Near intersection of County Rd. #1 and Conklin Roads.)


                              TOWN OF HOPEWELL


83        42.54.05N       77.12.04W                  Benham Cemetery (North of County Rd. #4 near Freshour Road.)


84        42.54.05N       77.08.28W                  Buchan Cemetery (North of County Rd. #4 near Algerine Street.)


85        42.55.24N       77.11.49W                  Chapman Cemetery (North side of Route 488 near Pettit Road.)


86        42.56.26N       77.13.46W                  Dillon/Greenhouse Cemetery[41] (West side of Route 21 near Latting Road.)


87        42.53.35N       77.12.36W                  Dunkel Cemetery (West side of Freshour Road about half a mile north of Co. Rd. #46.)






215                                                                  Estey Cemetery (In woods off Co. Rd. #4 just before Algerine St. across from Nedrow farm (1998) on property owned by John Gordner (Seneca Castle) and used as Campbell residence.)[42]


88        42.51.35N       77.12.03W                  Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery[43] (East side of Mumby Road near Route 20.)


89        42.54.02N       77.13.08W                  Moore Cemetery (South of County Rd. #4 near Smith Road.)


90        42.53.26N       77.13.06W                  Ontario County Cemetery/Poor House Cemetery[44] (Off County Rd. #46 across from Jail annex and Safety Training building.)



91        42.53.39N       77.08.32W                  Algerine Street Cemetery (West side of Algerine Street)  [Location shown on 1874 Atlas of Ontario County, "Hopewell".[45]]


92                                                                    Hopewell Burying Ground/Green Cemetery[46] (Cemetery Rd. just off Canandaigua-Geneva Rd.) [May be Pioneer Cemetery.]


216      42.54.02N       77.09.39W                  _____.  (On hill at intersection of Co. Rd. #4 and Spangle St.  Reputed to contain slave burials.)


                            TOWN OF MANCHESTER


93        42.56.48N       77.10.53W                  Herrington Cemetery (East of Lovers Lane near Hopewell Town Line Road.)


94        42.56.42N       77.11.16W                  Hill/McCauley Cemetery (North of Hopewell Town Line Road at Boyce Road.)


217                                                                  Judd/Melvin burial site (Two graves about 50 feet into the woods, south side of Water St. about 100 feet from the intersection of Rt. 21. near old foundation at edge of new fill land.)


95        42.57.44N       77.11.13W                  Pioneer/Shaving Street Cemetery[47] (Dewey Road.)


96        43.02.09N       77.09.34W                  Port Gibson Cemetery[48] (In the village.)


97        43.00.56N       77.13.30W                  Purdy Cemetery[49] (West of Route 21 near Armington School Road.)


98        42.57.40N       77.09.31W                  St. Agnes Cemetery (North side of County Rd. #13 just west of Clifton Springs.)


102      43.02.15N       77.10.43W                  Smith Cemetery.[50] (East side of County Rd. 27 between Bedett Rd. and Wayne County line.  On Town Lot 102.  On edge of woods a ways back from the road.)


99        43.01.11N       77.14.37W                  Stafford Cemetery (West of Stafford Road near Fox Road.)


100      42.58.52N       77.11.18W                  Sunnyside Cemetery (South of Outlet Road at Faas Road.)



101      42.59.04N       77.10.54W                  _____.[51] (West side of County Rd. 7 between Fass Rd. and Bunker Hill Rd. intersection.  May be in Town Lot 111 along center line of Town near Manchester Center.  See 1874 county atlas.)


103                                                                  Wells Family Cemetery.[52] [This cemetery is fictitious.]

                         VILLAGE OF MANCHESTER


104      42.57.56N       77.13.53W                  Village Cemetery[53] (At Baptist Church on west side of Route 21 in village.)


                                  TOWN OF NAPLES


105      42.35.42N       77.27.02W                  Barber Cemetery (Two miles from Naples on Eelpot Road.[54]  One mile from Cohocton St.  On Omar Olney farm 1941.[55])


106      42.34.36N       77.26.44W                  Barker/Town Line Cemetery (South side of County Rd. #21 at Yates County line.)


107      42.39.00N       77.25.11W                  Dedrick Cemetery (East side of County Rd. #33 near Davis Road.)


108                                                                  Garlinghouse Cemetery (West side of Garlinghouse Road at Richards Road.)


109      42.39.49N       77.29.14W                  Hunt's Hollow Cemetery (East of County Rd. #36 at Livingston County line.)


110      42.40.01N       77.26.39W                  Pierce Family Cemetery (West side of Gulick Road just south of South Bristol Town line.  In grove of trees back from the road about 100 yards.)


111      42.39.40N       77.25.16W                  School House Cemetery (West of West Hollow north of Clement Road.)


112      42.39.46N       77.22.56W                  Seamens Corners Cemetery (North side of Oakley Road near Rhine Street.)


114      42.34.54N       77.25.16W                  South Hill/Gerrould Cemetery[56] (South of Naples village near intersection of Pine Hill, Ingleside, and Reservoir Rds (Route 53).  1942 list says just North of Fred Fleischman farm then occupied by Earle Fleischman.[57])

113      42.39.37N       77.25.16W                  West Hollow Cemetery (West side of County Rd. #33 at Clement Road.)


                               VILLAGE OF NAPLES


115      42.37.34N       77.23.48W                  Fairview Cemetery (Behind park west of Route 21 at north edge of Village.)


116      42.37.01N       77.24.43W                  Roseridge[58] Cemetery (East side of County Rd. #33 at west end of Village.)


                                  TOWN OF PHELPS


117      42.56.26N       77.00.46W                  Armstrong Cemetery (East of County Rd. #6 just north of Oaks Corners.)


118      42.56.14N       77.06.04W                  Baggerly Cemetery (Corner of Wheat Road and Case Road.)


119      42.58.18N       77.00.49W                  Brink Cemetery (County Rd. #6 about one-half mile north of Fisher Rd on east side.)


120      42.57.02N       77.00.35W                  Burnett Cemetery (Northeast corner of County Rd. #6 and Maryland St.)


121      42.58.54N       77.00.53W                  Cobb-Smith Cemetery (West side of County Rd. #6 south of Gifford Rd.)


122      42.59.17N       77.05.36W                  Five Waters/Miller Cemetery (West of corner of NYS Route 88 and County Rd. #25 on County Rd. #25/Outlet Rd.)


123      43.00.07N       76.59.13W                  Maryland Street Road/"Harris Farm" Cemetery[59] (1200 ft. East of Maryland Street between Bodner and Reed Roads.  Two miles south of Alloway on shore of Canandaigua Outlet)


218      42.58.33N       76.58.22W                  Hoffman Cemetery (On south side of Cuddeback Rd. 0.3 miles east of NYS Rt. 14 in small grove of trees between Bostwick and Avery Roads)



124      42.56.51N       76.59.10W                  Humphrey Cemetery (North side of Route 96 in gravel pit.)


125      42.55.44N       77.01.33W                  Joslyn Cemetery (North side of County Rd. #23 at Lester Road.)


126      42.55.08N       77.03.51W                  Melvin Hill Cemetery[60] (West side of Melvin Hill Road near County Rd. #23.)


127      42.59.16N       77.05.36W                  Miller Cemetery (Outlet Road northwest of Village of Phelps.)


128      42.54.11N       76.57.52W                  Nicholson Cemetery (West side of County Line Road at the Geneva Town line on Big Oak Golf Course property.)


129      42.55.00N       77.00.42W                  Oaklawn Cemetery (East side of County Rd. #6 near Preece Road.)


130      42.55.03N       77.07.11W                  Orleans Cemetery[61] (South of Route 488 at County Rd. #20.) [This cemetery is called "Pioneer Cemetery" on readings which are widely circulated and microfilmed.[62]]


131      42.58.06N       77.01.44W                  Pinewood Cemetery[63] (South side of Pinewood Road.)


132      43.00.32N       77.02.52W                  Purchase/Aldrich Cemetery[64] (South side of Abandoned part of Burnett Rd. west of Neider Rd.)


133      42.59.57N       76.58.47W                  Rhea Cemetery (East side of Lyons-Geneva Road (Route 14).)


134      42.55.06N       77.07.06W                  Rice/Orleans Cemetery (Corner of County Rd. #20 and County Rd. #23.)


135      42.59.02N       77.07.46W                  Riverview/Plainsville/Gypsum Cemetery[65] (North side of County Rd. #25 near County Rd. #27.)

136      42.54.23N       76.57.50W                  Scott/Haviland/Doty Cemetery (North side of Packwood Rd. west of Dobbins Corner on Townline Rd.)


137      42.57.21N       76.59.47W                  Vandemark Cemetery (South of Fisher Road on abandoned road near Thruway.)


138      42.58.09N       77.00.49W                  Westfall/South Lyons Cemetery (West side of Lyons-Geneva Road (NYS Route 14).[66])


139      42.55.21N       77.06.26W                  Wheat Cemetery (East side of Wheat Road.)


                               VILLAGE OF PHELPS


140      42.57.31N       77.03.49W                  Pioneer Cemetery (South side of Main Street)


141      42.57.39N       77.03.50W                  Resthaven Cemetery[67] (North side of Main Street behind old High School.)


142      42.57.44N       77.03.47W                  St. Francis Catholic Cemetery (North of Rest Haven Cemetery on Clifton St.)


                               TOWN OF RICHMOND


143      42.48.31N       77.32.10W                  Adams Cemetery (North side of Ashley Rd. across from driveway of house at 9181 Ashley Rd.)  [Bodies exhumed and moved to Lakeview Cemetery.[68]


144      42.50.28N       77.31.03W                  Allen's Hill Cemetery (North side of Belcher Road near County Rd. #40.)


145                                                                  Baker Cemetery (Back of District School on Abbey Road)






146                                                                  Barkley homestead site (Stone for Lucy Frost Barkley is located west of the house at 5314 Gulick Rd.)  [The stone was formerly in the cemetery at Frosttown, Town of South Bristol.[69]]


147      42.45.36N       77.30.06W                  Bray/Hamilton/Barkley Cemetery (On abandoned road east side of East Lake Road near Burns Point.)


148      42.50.20N       77.34.23W                  Dennison Corners Cemetery[70] (East side of O'Neil Road near Shetler Road.)


149      42.47.06N       77.31.08W                  Lakeview Cemetery[71] (West side of County Rd. #36 near Sandy Bottom park.) [Sometimes recorded incorrectly as "Clearview" Cemetery.]


150                                                                  McCrossen burial place.  (In yard of house at 9601 Big Tree Rd.  Three McCrossen stones.  Bodies exhumed and moved to Union Cemetery, Town of Livonia, Livingston Co.[72]


151                                                                  Pemberton Cemetery (East side of Canadice Lake Rd. on the southwest corner of the property at 4981 Canadice Lake Rd.)  [Bodies exhumed and moved to Union Cemetery, Town of Livonia, Livingston Co.[73]]


152      42.47.24N       77.34.10W                  Pitts/Blackmer/Pioneer Cemetery (North side of Grandview Drive just off Route 20-A near historical marker for Capt. Peter Pitts homestead.)


153                                                                  Purcell/Curtiss Cemetery[74] (South of Route 20-A at Purcell Road.)  Incorporated (1875) as West Richmond Cemetery.

154      42.48.30N       77.32.01W                  Richmond Center Cemetery[75] (West side of County Rd. #37 near Ashley Road.)


155      42.47.13N       77.31.57W                  St. Mary's Cemetery (South of County Rd. #37 at Briggs Street.)  [Catholic]


156      42.51.09N       77.31.58W                  Williams/Sweet Cemetery (500 feet south of West Bloomfield Town line and about 500 feet east of County Rd. #37.) [In a hedgerow on old Raymond Grundman farm.]



157                                                                  Pennell's Corners Cemetery[76] (Location unknown)



                            VILLAGE OF RUSHVILLE


158      42.45.50N       77.13.33W                  Rushville Cemetery (East side of Main Street)



                                 TOWN OF SENECA[77]


160      42.46.00N       77.01.56W                  _____ (West side of Wabash Road near Kashong Switch Road.)


161      42.50.29N       77.03.18W                  _____ (East side of Number Nine Road near Leet Road.)


162      42.50.27N       77.03.23W                  _____ (South side of Leet Road near Number Nine Road.)


159      42.47.12N       77.01.58W                  Cooley Cemetery (West side of Wabash Street near Robson Road.)


163      42.48.37N       77.02.01W                  Culver/Hooper Cemetery (Corner of Wabash Street and Lake-to-Lake Road.)


164                                                                  Dunbar Cemetery (South side of Ansley Road on hilltop west of Rasmussen farm (1990))




165      42.53.07N       77.02.35W                  Gates/Butcher Cemetery[78] (East of Sutton Road near County Rd. #4.)


166                                                                  Glann Cemetery (County Rd.- #29 on knoll two miles east of Gorham.)


167      42.47.16N       77.05.38W                  Little Church/Log Meeting House Cemetery[79] (Corner of Little Church Road and Gorham Road.)


168      42.48.50N       77.03.02W                  New Number Nine Cemetery (Across the road from Number Nine Cemetery.)


169      42.48.51N       77.03.08W                  Number Nine Cemetery[80] (West side of Number Nine Road near Route 245.)


219                                                                  Ringer/Creager/Johnson Road Cemetery (Behind cobblestone house at 2916 Johnson Rd. about 1 mile north of intersection with County Road #4)


170      42.49.58N       77.06.04W                  St. Theresa Cemetery (East side of Flint Road near Short Road.)


171      42.51.35N       77.04.23W                  Sand Hill Cemetery[81] (South side of Route 20 near County Rd. #5.)


172      42.48.36N       77.05.09W                  Squier Cemetery I (Lake-to-Lake Road 1600 feet east of Little Church Road.)


173      42.57.27N       77.13.44W                  Squier Cemetery II (Behind farm of Louis Minn (1989) east of Number Nine Road.)


174      42.53.12N       77.04.29W                  Whitney Cemetery (North side of County Rd. #4 near Whitney Road.)





175      42.53.12N       77.02.42W                  _____[82] (On Old Castle Rd. between Melvin Hill Rd. and Fort Hill Rd.  On Town Lot 38 North.  On USGS maps.)



                         VILLAGE OF SHORTSVILLE


176      42.57.27N       77.13.44W                  Brookside Cemetery[83] (East side of Route 21 in the village.)


177      42.57.19N       77.14.16W                  St. Rose Cemetery (North side of Shortsville Road at west side of Village.)


178      42.57.16N       77.13.42W                  Theophilus Short Cemetery (South of Main Street in the village.)



                          TOWN OF SOUTH BRISTOL


179      42.45.24N       77.24.22W                  Allen Cemetery (West side of Route 64 near Bristol Town line.)  [Location shown on USGS maps.[84]]


180      42.43.51N       77.24.14W                  "Brown Stand" Cemetery (On bluff overlooking northwest intersection of Route 64 and County Rd. #34.) [Obliterated except for a few fallen stones.  Names from this cemetery are frequently listed with Wilder Cemetery names.]


181      42.44.44N       77.26.36W                  Burby Hollow Cemetery (East side of County Rd. #33 near Mosher Road.) [Also known as "Parmalee" Cemetery and so called on USGS maps.[85]]


182      42.44.59N       77.21.41W                  Covil's Corners/Standish Cemetery [North side of Hicks Rd near NYS Route 21.]


183      42.43.23N       77.21.56W                  Coye Cemetery[86] (East side of Route 21 at Bopple Hill Road.)

184                                                                  Frost Town/Gulick Gorge Cemetery Cemetery (West of Gulick Road along rim of Briggs Gully.) [May also be known as McGreavy Cemetery.[87]]


185      42.41.14N       77.26.23W                  Hill Cemetery(On Cutler scout reservation off Gulick Rd.)


187      42.44.44N       77.28.15W                  Quayle Cemetery (East side of Gulick Road near Mosher Road and opposite Ross Road.[88])


188      42.45.07N       77.21.44W                  Randall Cemetery (East side of Route 21 near Hicks Rd.)


189                                                                  Wilder Cemetery (East side of Route 64 on bluff along creek.  Near north line of state land.)



190                                                                  Brady-Wilder Farm/Old Church Cemetery[89] [On north line of Gamaliel Wilder farm, "west of the road."  Cemetery plowed up by Charles Brady prior to 1911.  1851 map of Ontario County shows what appears to be this cemetery just north of Brown Cemetery above.]


191                                                                  Davis Hill Cemetery [Location unknown.[90]  May be the same as Quayle Cemetery above.]


192                                                                  Gulick Cemetery [Location unknown.[91]]


186                                                                  Storrs Farm Cemetery (Overgrown on old Storrs farm off abandoned southern end of Worden Hill Road.)[92] [Has been called Parsons/South Hill in error.]



                                  TOWN OF VICTOR


193                                                                  Baker/Bennett Cemetery[93] (Near Audobon Club and Powder Mill Park on Fishers Road.) [Graves enclosed by fence near barn.]


194                                                                  Barber Family Cemetery (351 Fisher Road in side yard.)


195      42.57.34N       77.24.50W                  Boughton Hill Cemetery[94] (Corner of County Rd. #3 and County Rd. #41.)


196      43.00.30N       77.28.13W                  Pabos Burial Site (Under obelisque near bridge on Wangum Road near park in hamlet of Fishers.)


197      43.00.32N       77.26.36W                  Park Cemetery[95] (Rowley Road east of Route 96)  [At site of Burger King Restaurant.  Bodies exhumed.]



198      43.00.34N       77.28.10W                  Fishers Abandoned Cemetery[96] [Near intersection of Fishers Main Street and Wangum Road. Eight graves never removed including Deborah, John, and Bethiah Fisher.]


199                                                                  Hart Farm Site [Unknown site on Victor-Egypt Rd.[97]]


200                                                                  Hill Burial Site[98] [Unmarked burial of Gregory Hill behind house at 7709 Mendon Road (Rt. 251).]





201      43.01.52N       77.23.22W                  Lane Cemetery[99] [Daily Road near Blazey and Richardson Roads (near Monroe County line).  Exact location unidentifiable now.  Most bodies exhumed and reburied in South Perrinton Cemetery.  One stone left as step on back porch of Carl Leigh family (1992).  Grave of John L. Lane and Sarah Lane may still be there as well as Mary Luthena Dickinson Lane.[100]]


202                                                                  Murray/"Dillman Farm" Cemetery[101] [In pasture just west of farm.]


203                                                                  Parsons/Crossman's Farm Burial Site[102] [118 Fisher Road.] 


204                                                                  Sale Burial Site[103] [Unmarked grave about 400 feet south of Bernard McCarthy house (1992) on Brownsville Rd.]


205                                                                  Smith Farm Site [Unknown location on farm of Nicholas Smith south of Boughton Hill.[104]]


                               VILLAGE OF VICTOR


206      42.59.21N       77.25.09W                  St. Patrick's Cemetery (High Street) [Catholic]


207      42.58.52N       77.24.28W                  Village Cemetery (Behind Methodist Church on south side of Main Street.)



208      42.59.04N       77.24.35W                  Proprietor's Church Cemetery[105] [On Moore Avenue.]


                      TOWN OF WEST BLOOMFIELD


209                                                                  Brombley Cemetery (In pasture about 300 feet behind dwelling at 3328 Taft Rd.)


210      42.55.51N       77.29.46W                  Ionia/Miller's Corners Cemetery[106] (South of County Rd. #14 near County Rd. #38 in hamlet of Ionia.)


211      42.56.18N       77.34.12W                  North Bloomfield Cemetery[107] (North of Route 65 near Monroe County line.)


212      42.54.09N       77.32.24W                  Pioneer Cemetery (West of County Rd. #37 at south end of village.)


213      42.54.31N       77.31.58W                  Rural Cemetery (North side of Route 20 behind former St. Joseph's Church at east end of village.)





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    [6]While this cemetery has been known for some time, it has never been read and there are no records.  Residents suspect that it was a family cemetery.  Its listing here is based on the testimony of witnesses that it does, indeed, exist.   To date, no stones have been found.

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     [22]This is probably confused with a possible O.D. Herendeen Cemetery.  In a letter to the Historian, Preston E. Pierce, dated Oct. 9, 1998, Elaine Brown stated ther her grandparents owned this farm from 1908-1933.  She believes the University of Rochester did some testing on remains found at the time the racetrack was built.  Brown indicates that Kasson Crooker, who lived in Bloomfield, took the stones.  The stones were at the home of Beatrice Crooker in the 1950's.  Brown states that Samuel Cooper was buried there as is his wife. [Historian's Cemetery File.]

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     [29]This is probably one cemetery more properly named for the Ringer family.  Several members of the Clise family are buried here.

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     [32]Privately owned (by Eleanor Elz, 1999) and still in use.

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     [34]Probably a duplicate listing of #72, Smith Cemetery which is approximately the same location.

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     [36]This cemetery has been listed as Hawley, or Hawley-Taylor since a reading done in 1965.  No members of the Hawley or Taylor families are buried here.  The property belonged to Ethan Lord who lived nearby and is buried in the cemetery.  The erroneous listing dates from at least 1965 when a local genealogist distributed a reading with the name Hawley-Taylor.  For verification of the correct name see: Ontario County land records.  Liber 244, p. 370 (1903). Also: Gage, Floyd H. "The Lord Cemetery History." 2000. Typescript in County Historian's cemetery file.

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     [39]Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  Book 1.  1869.  p. 67-68;  Ontario County land records, Liber 29, p. 263.  In the deed for the cemetery Joseph Wood sold the land to James "McFarson" and John Goodwin, Jun., the trustees of school District No. #6 of the Town of Gorham.  The 1874 Atlas of Ontario County, and the 1859 map of the county (located at RAIMS, and other places), both indicate that Reed's Corners was in District #8.  However, McIntosh's 1876 History of Ontario County (p. 152) indicates that the first school in the area was on the same lot as the Congregational Church.  The deed description within Lot #54 is undoubtedly Reed's Corners.  Either the school district was renumbered or an error in numbering was made since District #6 was not on Lot #54.

     [40]This cemetery has also been known as Washburn-Conklin Cemetery.  Conklin Cemetery is sometimes listed separately. These listings are erroneous.  See:  Ontario County land records.  Verification of the name appears in Ontario County land records. Liber 244, 1903.  p. 118.  Also:  Gage, Floyd H. "The Washburn Cemetery History." 2000.  Typescript in County Historian's cemetery file.  See: Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  Book 1.  1866.  p. 61-62.

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     [42]May be the same as Algerine Street Cemetery below although description appears to make it too close to County Rd. 4 for it to be Algerine Street Cemetery.  Stone may have been removed from Algerine Street Cemetery when it was obliterated sometime after 1915.

     [43]Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  1890.  Book 1.  p. 341-342.  The incorporation papers do not mention the particular plot of land but the name is simply Hopewell Cemetery Association. 

     [44]The visible stones are merely numbered.  A listing of those buried in the Ontario County/Poor House Cemetery can be found at the county Health Facility, the County Archives (RAIMS), and at the County Historian's Office.

     [45]May be Estey cemetery located in 1998 with one visible stone (Belle C. Estey 1865-1905).  Cemetery was south of house owned by Eoris Eldredge (1999) and labeled as M.S. Esty on 1874 county atlas.  Does not appear to be close enough to County Rd. 4 to fit description of Estey Cemetery above.   Close to Algerine Street according to 1915 deed, Ontario County RAIMS.  Land Records.  Liber 291.  p. 522.  Apr. 1, 1915.  Mary G. Palmer to William H. Sheppard and Lillie.  Part of Lot 64.  Contains exception, a "small piece of ground lying in the southeast corner of that portion of the premises above described which lies west of the Highway, now [e]nclosed with a board fence, being 2 rods north and south and 1 1/2 rods east and west."  Deed refers to bordering land of John Freshour.  John, and later Freshours, owned the house next south of the cemetery shown on the 1874 atlas map.

     [46]Naukam. p. 21.  Not found on any map.  Ten pages of readings supposed to be at Rochester Public Library.

     [47]See broadside by "A.L. Dewey."  History of Shaving Street Burying-Ground. No date is given but the last paragraph talks about action "under the new incorporation, which was organized a few weeks ago.." which will change the name to Pioneer Cemetery and which will add an acre of land.  Broadside available from County Historian;  Also:  Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  1908.  Book 3.  pp. 226-225.  In the incorporation the cemetery is called "Pioneers' Cemetery."

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     [52]This cemetery is cited in Naukam, p. 24 but does not exist.  It is cited here because the Naukam book is widely distributed, and because there is a "reading" for Wells Cemetery in the archives of the Ontario County Historical Society .  Copies may be elsewhere.  Examination of that list, however, reveals that all names on it are found in Manchester Village Cemetery rows 19 and 20.

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     [67]Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  1912.  Book 3. p. 523.  The cemetery is called "Phelps New Cemetery" in the village.  In 1916 the Phelps Cemetery Corp. filed an order changing its number of directors.  See:  Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  1916.  Book 4.  p. 288.

     [68]Letter:  Peggy Treble, Richmond Town Historian to Preston Pierce, Ontario County Historian, September 1996. County Historian's cemetery files.

     [69]Letter:  Peggy Treble, Richmond Town Historian to Preston Pierce, Ontario County Historian, September 1996.  Mrs. Treble related that the stone was removed from Frosttown Cemetery in the early 1940's by Coley Dugan, then ownwer of the Barkley homestead. Barkley did not own the homestead when Lucy died in 1825. In 1996 Lucy Frost Barkley's stone was still propped up against the stump of the old oak tree.

     [70]Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  Book #1.  p. 122.  Ontario County land records.  Liber 106. p. 105.  This cemetery may be mixed up with West Richmond (Purcell) Cemetery since the deed refers to the Grantees as trustees of the burying ground in "West Richmond."  However, the names on the West Richmond Cemetery Association clearly are buried in Purcell Cemetery.  

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     [74]This cemetery incorporated as West Richmond Cemetery.  Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations.  Book 1. (1875) p. 83.  The names on the 1875 incorporation papers are all listed as buried in what is now known as Purcell Cemetery.  The incorporators met at the old Baptist Church "in the vicinity."

     [75]On some sets of readings the Richmond Center Cemetery is also called Reed Cemetery.  The readings carried the Reed name over from a single page of readings done at the same time which are really an extract from the readings of the Purcell/Curtiss Cemetery.  See also:  Ontario County Clerk.  Incorporations. 1878.  Book 1.  p. 93-94.

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     [91]Most likely, this is Frosttown/McGreavy Cemetery.

     [92]This cemetery may exist along the long-abandoned stretch of Worden Hill Rd. or it may be confused with Ganyard Hill in Bristol.  See correspondence of Norma Storrs Keating in County Historian's cemetery file.

     [93]Baker/Bennett Cemetery was recorded in 1934 by Irondequoit Chapter, DAR.  Reading in Rochester Public Library.

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     [95]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  1992.  Graves moved to Boughton Hill Cemetery.  According to Fisher, several graves were left including those for Seneca Boughton, Mary Dickinson Parks, and other members of the Parks family.  "All stone markers are missing except the monument with the Parks name on it."

     [96]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  "Days of Victor's Past."  The Daily Messenger.  (Canandaigua, NY)  Aug. 6, 1992.  p. 301.  The Fishers Abandoned Cemetery may be the same cemetery J. Sheldon Fisher calls the Fisher family cemetery in Fishers.  He indicated that five burials from the "family cemetery" had been removed to Boughton Hill Cemetery in 1884.

     [97]Letter:  Elaine K. Brown to Preston Pierce, Ontario County Historian, 1996.  County Historian's cemetery file.  Since Jabez, who built the house, and his wife, Jemima, and their children are not found elsewhere they may be at this location.

     [98]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  1992.

     [99]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  1992.

     [100]Letter:  Elaine K. Brown to Preston Pierce, Ontario County Historian, 1996, County Historian's cemetery file.  Mrs. Brown indicates that Thomas Lane, who moved away from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario during War of 1813 is probably not buried in Lane Cemetery despire published information (See:  Fisher article) and that both the stones of John Lloyd Lane and Sarah Lane were found being used as door steps.

     [101]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  1992.

     [102]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  1992.  Fisher states that Lucy Parsons, wife of Joshua Ketchum, is buried at this site.  Mrs. Elaine K. Brown, in a 1996 letter to County Historian, Preston Pierce, points out that Lucy Ketchum has a stone and is buried in Boughton Hill Cemetery just in front of her sister Jerusha Seymour.  See:  Letter, 1996, County Historian's cemetery file.

     [103]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher. 1992.

     [104]Letter:  Elaine K. Brown, to Preston Pierce, Ontario County Historian, 1996.  County Historian's cemetery file.  Mrs. Brown states thatAbigail Boughton Smith, daughter of Hezekiah and sister of Jared, settled on the farm with husband Nicholas Smith.  She found a coroner's report in Ontario County Archive stating that burial was made on the farm.  None of Abigail's family is buried on Boughton Hill so they are probably in this location.

     [105]See:  J. Sheldon Fisher.  1992. which is questioned by researchers but is noted here because of media publication.  See letter:  Elaine K. Brown to Preston Pierce, Ontario County Historian, 1996.  Mrs. Brown indicates that the Proprietor's Church Cemetery is between a small white house on Moore Ave. opposite the parking lot and the church site on the hill above.  That was the old Kendall lot.  The deed, a copy of which Mrs. Brown sent to Rose Fagan, Victor Town Historian, indicates the presence of the cemetery.

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